At this time of unprecedented crisis from the corona-virus, we found many of our friends in the health care industry tired and worn out. We heard from working women about the realities of readjusting to working from home. Home-makers complained about the round the clock duties of making food for the family. We heard the fears from eating outside, eating from restaurants every day and more.

As parents and home makers ourselves, we offer zChefs as a platform at this time of unprecedented social crisis. We hope that this helps bring the community together. We hope zChefs & zChefs Cook App becomes a platform for you to find your nearest chef so that you can take rest even when the whole family has a feast.

What was the Genesis of the zChefs idea?

While abundance of food defines America, it does not translate into tasty Indian food. When I moved from a metro in India to a small town in the USA, I found myself craving for Indian food. It was the craving that led to cooking and finally, to creating zChefs App.

How do you think the Cooking App Idea will benefit those who live or move abroad?

Fact is, United States, transforms each one of us into modern muniammas. Each one of us here in the US are cooks, chefs, chauffeurs with separate careers. In India, our careers define us. In America, our chores define the limits of our careers. Whether you are a man or a woman, working outside or managing the family, zChefs caters to the necessity of getting good and healthy food in real time.

What was the catalyst to reversing the restaurant culture?

Gulab Jamun was the reversal catalyst. Me, a software engineer, a legal academic friend and a wonderful physician cook were all eating store bought Jamuns when each of us felt that we were better cooks.

Gosh!! if only one of us could take turns to cook for the others every day, we will all get good food and rest too. So, zChefs creates a platform for each of us to care and share with each other. It is not to do away with restaurants. The reversal here is the thinking that restaurants are the only alternative to home cooked food. zChefs creates home cooked food as alternative to home cooked food.

Do you look at zChefs as reversing the existing restaurant culture come about?

We do. While I want to dine on special occasions, on tired days, I want simple home cooked food from my nearest chef and save myself the ordeal of cooking.

What do you think are the most disruptive aspects of zChefs?

The zChefs platform has three disruptive concepts.

  1. zChefs helps you find your chef
  2. The day Chefs cook, they sell
  3. Our limitless menu caters to the idea of “I crave you create”.

Basically, you can notify what you want and find the Chef who will make it for you

Who does zChefs cater to the most?

It is as much for the career person who chooses to expound cooking on an odd weekend as it is for a home-based cook who wants the world to experience her/his talent in food on a day they choose!

What about zChefs will people love the most?

Our limitless menu ….

zChefs’s provides you a limitless and ever changing menu that makes food fun for everyone.

The app will help each one of us notify what we crave, see what different chefs present, pre-order meals from a chef near-by and customize the meal to taste at a reasonable cost.

Working full time, planning and cooking a fresh meal every day is a dreadful chore. Use zChefs to find your chef on tired days.

And, on days one cooks well, you sell to flaunt those culinary skills.

Thus, zChefs is living the concept of Master Chef….

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