Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

These “Terms of Use” govern your use of zChefs(the “Apps, which includes the User and the Chef Version” ).

Please read the Terms of Use carefully before you use the App.

Your use of the App and the presence of the App in your phone signifies that you agree with these Terms of Use and are in a contractual relationship with ZFood LL.C.

This is the TEST VERSION OF THE APP. Thus, the terms and conditions are subject to change once we unveil the final version.

When you use the test version, please send us comments and suggestions to improve operations and the app features to SUPPORT@THEZFOOD.COM and please add “suggestions” in the subject line.

The cooks/ chefs/ business/ restaurant (Chef) agree to prepare edible products, post a picture of the edible products on the App and exchange them for a reasonable consideration. The Chef will include as much information as it reasonably possible to help buyer make the decision.

Buyers are users who would like to deal directly with the chefs/cooks/business/ restaurant using zChefs as the platform for the transaction.

The role of zChefs and of the app is to merely connect the buyer and the chef/ cooks/ business/ restaurant and thus, the buyer will conduct their own due diligence and make reasonable judgements on the food.

zChefs role is to provide its users with an online platform to connect chefs with buyers and provide a payment function to reasonably compensate the chefs. zChefs does not take any responsibility for monetary transactions within the App. zChefs does charge a small service fee to cover our expenses.

The Chefs/ Merchants and Buyers are solely responsible for the transfer of consideration from each another. zChefs is not responsible for any default or deficiency in the transactions between buyers and the chefs. Under no circumstances will zChefs be liable to either party for the taste of the food, for not delivering on time, or for another issue that arises for an ongoing, current, future or, a previous transaction between the buyer and the Chef.

Privacy and Safety

As creators of the App, we advocate and support safety. Buyers need not share their personal information such as their phone number , address, or live location while using this App with the chef. zChefs does not advocate such sharing of personal information and any buyer who chooses to share any personal information, whether outlined here or not, does so at their personal peril. Buyers who may now or later, decide to share their personal information on the App are responsible for their own safety.

By using the App, both chefs and buyers agree to adhere to common societal norms of decency, mutual respect, respect for the privacy of other users and chefs.

All users of the App which includes Chefs and Buyers agree to not engage in the following behavior directly, indirectly, advertently or inadvertently:

  • – harassing or advocatingfor the harassment of another user
  • – threatening, causing to threaten, use of abusive language or activities
  • – hosting or displaying information on the App which may be construed as misleading, fraudulent or misrepresentative
  • – selling or promoting the sale of or products protected by intellectual property
  • – selling or promoting products that are not fresh and food that does not conform to the description provided by the Chef
  • – Solicitation of other users for sale other than those involving food or food based items including any form of sexor sexual conduct, or alcohol, medicines, traditional cures, food preparation items, groceries, massage oils, or anything else that does not fall within the definition of food or solicit to sell any conduct that is considered to be illegal or immoral or socially unacceptable

SMS Terms & Conditions

zChefs offers the option to our customers to engage in conversations with our Chefs to provide faster responses, send out order-ready messages and Chef/Customer Account set-up messages. Message frequency may vary. Message and Data rates may apply. Please text HELP to 405-531-0695 for help and Reply STOP to cancel at any time. Carriers are not liable for any delays or undelivered messages.

Obligation and Rights of Chefs

Chefs shall post a picture the edible products that they offer on the App and shall agree to pack in standard containers;

Chef shall also include information about minimum order where applicable

Chefs shall also include:

  • a. Food information such as cost of the food, quantity of food, food description, ingredients, type of food, level of spice, if applicable;
  • b. Delivery/ Collection Information: Expected time for food to be ready and how it can be delivered or collected and if there is a cost for delivery
  • c. Any other collection or terms that may be applicable

For the trial version, zChefs does not charge the chef any commission except for a nominal 5 % for every transaction to cover for service charges. Any changes to this will be duly notified to the chef.

Chefs are responsible for maintaining the accounts of their weekly sales for every week.

The terms for the Chef with zChefs is subject to change

The facilities used by Cooks/ Merchants are not inspected by the Department of Health or any regulatory body. Cooks/ Merchants agree to use clean and sanitary cooking practices. Chefs accept all liability for any issues caused from misdescription of food, delayed delivery and any other issues that arises from the condition of the food or sanitary conditions relating to preparation of the food.

Cooks/ Merchants agree to only sell edible products that has been prepared with care.

Chefs and Users agree that zChefs does not own the Chefs nor are their contractors with zChefs. Chefs use zChefs as a mere platform to sell their products. Thus, chefs conduct conduct business on their own behalf and control their operations individually using zChefs as the platform.

The Cooks/ Merchants are solely responsible for the preparation, quality, and quantity of the edible products that are soldon the App.

Cooks/ Merchants agree not to mislead or deceive buyers about the quality, taste , and quantity of the edible products they are selling on the App.

Chefs shall only describe the food, the ingredients, taste, quantity, cost and other related information. Chefs shall not promise any medicinal, traditional or otherwise curative or other benefits. Any promise made by a chef will be at their own risk and the chef alone will be liable in the event those promises fail.


All disputes shall be resolved using mediation between parties failing which parties will arbitrate to resolve the dispute

Complaints between buyers and chef must be resolved between themselves

If zChefs is implicated in the complaint, the liability of zChefs will nevet exceed $250 at any given time

Chefs who commit fraud, misrepresent, knowingly or negligently cause harm to buyer will indemnify zChefs to the extent of its liability

Both Chefs and buyers can post suggestions and complaints by emailing support@thezfood.com

zChefs will solely consider complaints and determine whether a Chef should continue to provide service depending on the nature of complaints but any chef who receives 5 complaints within a period of years will be suspended pending a review by zChefs.

zChefs may also suspend buyer’s access to accounts unilaterally depending on the nature complaint filed, should there be one.

zChefs may also suspend buyer’s access to accounts unilaterally depending on the nature complaint filed, should there be one.

The award of damages will not exceed $250 in any given instance.

Terms of Service

zChefs mission is to create a platform that enables Cooks/ Merchants to sell edible products to interested buyers.

Please read these Terms of Service carefully

If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, you shall not use this App.


Buyers are required to register by providing truthful information

Once logged in, based on geographic distance, buyers will be able to browse and choose from a variety of options offered by various Chefs on the App

zChefs does not have control over the preparation, transportation, or sale of the edible products found on the App although our chefs are bound by written terms to maintain their premises, especially kitchen in clean, sanitary condition

Buyers must be aware that none of the edible products on this App have been inspected by a regulatory body

zChefs merely provides a platform and allows the buyer to directly deal with the chefs; Chef determines pricing and quantity of the edible products on the App .

Buyer voluntarily agrees to try the edible products. zChefs is not responsible for the customer’s satisfaction of the edible products on the App.

If Buyer notifies zChefs of any issues with any Chef, zChefs will immediately take action which may include permanently disqualifying the Chef

zChefs is not under any circumstances liable to buyer beyond the cost of the edible product purchased at that time

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