Cooking fatigue:

  • The closure of restaurants amidst the lockdown pushed most people to start cooking at home.
  • But months later, cooking fatigue set in and food lovers began looking for a way out.
  • The safety factor keeps most of us away from restaurants and cafes, which is why even five-star hotels have entered the curbside pickup / food delivery business.                                      

Home chef- The new savior:

  • Homebound and nowhere to go, people began ordering in with a vengeance.
  • And a variety of home chefs surfaced to satiate cravings for all kinds of cuisines.
  • A rising number of home chefs, largely women, have taken the food delivery industry.
  • From an intrepid 16-year-old baker to a middle-aged homemaker looking to supplement her family income, food delivery from home has never been so lucrative or innovative.

To address the current COVID concerns,

  • Social distancing is strictly maintained.
  • The food must be picked up from a spot in the house/apartment and                                             
  • Payment is done online only.                                                                                                                                      
  • It is operationally intensive and needs multiple people.                                   

But with the lockdown opening, the need to eat different kinds of food, and being careful, there may be a slow but steady rise towards home-cooked meals.

What makes these home chefs so popular?                                      

  • The taste of the food,
  • Exotic and Uniqueness of food
  • The innovative way they use social media to promote their enterprise, and

These home chefs are being supported by dedicated platforms- like zChefs  App connecting them to prospective customers and helping them build a loyal customer base.

Are You a secret chef? Are you cooking a fixed menu of your best dishes, and started selling through social media and a network?                                                                                                     

Then zChefs app is for you! More than the money it is the appreciation and experience,” that matters here. As people are looking for fresh and hygienically cooked meals. “And it doesn’t seem like the appetite for home-cooked meals will be satiated anytime soon. Even if someone is making a basis in the evening and selling it? zChefs App becomes a platform for you to find your nearest chef so that you can take rest even when the whole family has a feast.

First Identify your niche:

For this, you must focus on specific types of food. For example, if you specialize in Mughlai and North Indian, you should use that as a strong suit and provide the best variety to your audience.       

Similarly, you can do the same with cuisines like Chinese, Italian, etc.                                                 

Since today, safety and hygiene are of prime importance, you can also begin selling ready-to-cook kits for people who would like to try different cuisines but are not able to!                                                 

Convert your passion for cooking into a business easily with these Apps:

To deliver better, it is important that you leverage technology to the maximum. If you rely on old techniques like telephone delivery and collecting orders by cell phone, you might be left behind.

zChefs App:                                                                                                           

To grow your small business and attain success rapidly, You can use apps like zChefs App.

  • This mobile application can give you direct access to your customer’s mobile phones that are extremely personal to them.        
  • This not only ensures you a higher conversion rate but also gives you a chance to market your brand more directly.
  • It Includes features like tracking, account creation, images, product descriptions, etc in their mobile app.                                                                                                                                                              
  • It will make the user experience more profound and convenient! You list products in an attractive manner so that your users can easily browse through the app, and place their orders within a few clicks. You can easily get started with these apps.

How do you think the Cooking App Idea will benefit those who live or move abroad?                                                    

Each one of us here in the US is a cook, chef, chauffeur with separate careers. Whether you are a man or a woman, working outside or managing the family, zChefs caters to the necessity of getting good and healthy food in real-time.                                                                                                                        

What do you think are the most disruptive aspects of zChefs?                                                           

The zChefs platform has three disruptive concepts.

  1. zChefs helps you find your chef
  2. The day Chefs cook, they sell
  3. Our limitless menu caters to the idea of “I crave you create”.

Basically, you can notify what you want and find the Chef who will make it for you                                         

Who does zChefs cater to the most?                                                                                  

It is as much for the career person who chooses to expound cooking on an odd weekend as it is for a home-based cook who wants the world to experience her/his talent in food on a day they choose!

What about zChefs will people love the most?

  • Our limitless menu ….zChefs provides you a limitless and ever-changing menu that makes food fun for everyone.
  • The app will help each one of us notify what we crave, see what different chefs present, pre-order meals from a chef nearby, and customize the meal to taste at a reasonable cost.
  • Working full time, planning and cooking a fresh meal every day is dreadful chores. Use zChefs to find your chef on tired days.
  • And, on days one cooks well, you sell to flaunt those culinary skills.
  • Thus, zChefs is living the concept of Master Chef….
  • To Order Fresh Home Cooked Dish, clickhere.
  • To Cook, Sell and Enjoy, click

Satiating diverse appetites? Want any signature dishes or multi cuisines from your area or a specific dish of your choice from your favorite restaurant without visiting it? zChefs is here at your fingertips. Come on in!

LetsCook, Sell, Enjoy, and Repeat!

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